People Advocate (Remote)

Job description

About XWP

XWP has collaborated on some of the most ambitious and successful WordPress projects and partnered with the likes of Google, News Corp, and Penske Media Corporation (PMC) to bring richer technologies and delightful user experiences to the open web.

Our team of 100+ experts (from 30+ countries and 6 continents) enjoy challenging work, service-focused and collaborative teammates, and many opportunities to grow and learn. We have a passion and enthusiasm for what we do and a sincere care for each other and our clients.

We are looking for the right person to join our People team to support our team members and help us cultivate an environment in which they can thrive.

Who You Are

  • You find deep satisfaction in quietly making the lives of others better and helping them grow in effectiveness and impact

  • Your active listening skills and empathy help people feel safe being open with you

  • You are always taking steps to better understand and improve the experience of all team members in your workplace

  • You have confidence in the skills and experience you’ve cultivated, yet are continually looking to learn from others and grow your effectiveness

  • You balance strong personal initiative with a bias for understanding and alignment

  • You would find work-life harmony with the give and take of schedule flexibility and work needs that extend across many time zones (Americas, Europe, Africa)

  • You value autonomy and have the self-management skills to operate dependably in a fully-remote role.

What You’ve Done

  • Through active participation or close collaboration, you’ve developed an understanding of the People Operations / Human Resources function

  • You’ve served in a role requiring real-time, virtual communication across a culturally diverse group of people

  • You’ve learned to connect with and understand the needs of both technical and non-technical team members

  • You’ve applied deliberate effort to shaping delightful experiences for those you or your organization serve

  • Through your active listening skills, thoughtful questions, and strong empathy, you’ve helped others overcome challenges and move towards their full potential

  • You’ve contributed to handbooks, process documentation, or other related forms of business writing as part of your roles.

Job requirements

What You’ll Do Here

  • Serve as the People Ops advocate for team members, meeting with them individually and providing both direct support and advocacy to help them thrive

  • Facilitate the collection and sharing of 360 feedback for team members

  • Coordinate compensation reviews for the team members you support

  • Provide coaching and direct feedback to help teammates grow their effectiveness

  • Coordinate care and support for team members related to life events (e.g. moving, birth of a child, marriage, illness, death of a loved one, etc)

  • Champion improvements in documentation and processes to improve individual team member experience

  • Actively participate in the People Ops team, giving and receiving support and feedback, helping align our efforts to address important or time sensitive needs and to improve our effectiveness attracting exceptional people and helping them thrive.

  • Help cultivate a community that is reflective of our core values and vision.

What Success Looks Like

  • The people you serve feel supported and safe (perception)

  • The people you serve are thriving as measured by engagement, retention, satisfaction, growth perceptions, etc.

  • You are able to resolve issues for the people you serve in a timely manner

  • Our documentation and processes supporting people experience are maintained and improved

  • Our community is growing in care for each other and our positive impact on each other, our clients, and the wider open web ecosystem

Payscale & Benefits

  • Trust and support from your colleagues (we look out for each other and work together towards our shared goals and vision)

  • The rewards of a highly collaborative culture (we’re a team, not a working group)

  • The joys of remote work done right: schedule flexibility, skip the commute, more time for family and interests outside of work

  • The chance to play an important part in helping XWP achieve its full potential and make a meaningful difference for our team members and the open web

  • A pay range of USD $25-40 per hour (equivalent to about $50,000 to $75,000 per year at full-time), taking into consideration experience and region

  • Potential to begin your engagement working anywhere from 25-40 hours per week

  • Unleash+ allowance of $2,500 per year to enrich your life

Are you intrigued?

Apply now (link below) and tell us about yourself, what this role will mean to you, and why you are who we want to work with.

If you are not the one we are looking for, please share this with anyone you know who might be!